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Black Rob – Sand To The Beach


Produced by Soul G & Coptic for Brooklyn Bridge Ent. Music off Black Rob’s upcoming album, ‘Game Tested, Streets Approved,’ out July 26th on Duck Down Music.

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10 Responses to “Black Rob – Sand To The Beach”

  1. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    bringing crack to a crackhouse

  2. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:


  3. harlem WORLD Says:

    im a fan but im not feelin this track

  4. rex hussla Says:

    Damn…this Mike Dean cat who has been helping out Kanye with production forever has some crazy production credits over the years. He’s on all sorts of bamma classics. He’s all over Watch the Throne too.

    Surprised Nathan Stanley hasn’t put up the production credits yet.

  5. 007 Says:



    FUck dat shit is classical!!!!!

    HW you hear dat Fiend Life Behind Limo Glass check dat

  6. Eastern_Digital Says:

    The story of Amp gettin head from Houston (porn smut) >>>>>>>>>

    Nah classic.

    RIP Mark Twain Fame
    RIP herbal kint

  7. 007 Says:

    Hennesey Beach >>>>>>>>>>>

    Spitta is just killin eything man goodness

    How is you niggas not witnessin this

  8. rex hussla Says:

    Mike Tyson is charging $119 for an autograph on anything flat…$200 for gloves, even more for other items.

    Damn, that’s kinda out of my price range.

  9. mr leon Says:

    that line really don’t make for a tough chorus. sonn need to think real hard about that denim jacket too…

  10. rex hussla Says:

    LMAOOO I read that Mr Leon comment in a *Leon Black* voice…”Fuck that shit Larry”

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