Video: Lil Wayne x Rick Ross – John (Live In North Carolina)

I Am Music Tour hits Raleigh, NC.

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23 Responses to “Video: Lil Wayne x Rick Ross – John (Live In North Carolina)”

  1. SPITGAME Says:

    Jump off a buildin,
    Jump out a window,
    Smoke like a junkie
    Fuck like a Nyphmo
    Drink like a Goldfish,
    Oh yeah you know this,
    Hol up *Click Clack* Ok I’m Reloaded!

  2. HaRlEm wOrLd Says:

    Ross dropping a new album this year…that should stir things up!

  3. heroine headliner Says:


    Based God Forgives, I Don’t…..

  4. HaRlEm wOrLd Says:

    Alex Morgan >>>>
    Hope Solo >>>>>

    ill open mouth kiss these bishes in public

  5. Mini Daddy Says:

    da ghetto clark gable

    bitches thank im handsome

  6. HaRlEm wOrLd Says:


    rap would be broing with out these 3..gotta admit.. for better or worse theyre all characters…ross is a walking contradiction, fif is the comedian and drake is …well drake is just drake

  7. HaRlEm wOrLd Says:

    boring > broing

  8. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Yo this Mexican funny lookin nigga Remix hit da lotto I’ll be damned if he ain’t got a 9 piece hr got s young Beyonce truth

    James’s win AGAIN

  9. HaRlEm wOrLd Says:

    Currensy >>>

    I flew to the the Bay listening to nothing but currensy

    smash on o leary (chooped & screwed) >>

    007 (no nahright commenter)>>>

    she dont want a man >>>>>

    verde terrace coming soon!!!

  10. Concise Says:

    YMCMBxMMG We Rich Forever

    Why does it seem like Wayne is the only rapper doing major tours now a days. Dude got like 60 date runs in huge venues and everybody else is doing these lil 2000 capacity club dates. If you ain’t on tour with him, it’s hard to eat on a major level..either that or wait around for Hov or Kanye’s next tour..a Watch The Thrown tour would be incredible

  11. S.I.C.K Says:

    *daps hw frankie and speezy*
    *daps the rest of you*

  12. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Harl bounced back wit da tKf swag

    Jets nigga now drop dem west coast stories nigga

  13. HaRlEm wOrLd Says:

    Run Dat Shit >>>>

    thats what im talkin about….

    when im off in the zone, my niggas tellin me run dat shit…

    verde terrace…international swag

  14. HaRlEm wOrLd Says:

    *daps the room*

    wayne on another sell out tour

  15. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    HW I met a nice one this wknd!

    Oh n been txn w da ex thats a email tho lol but man iono man
    I think 00 gonna tAke da Clooney route how can I ever be wit 1 chick yo?

    Bumpin this dam 808s simp status

  16. HaRlEm wOrLd Says:


    nothing much to say, was working all over – oakland, san jose el pato, eatin nothing but chinese food for 2 and some weeks, still alotta pretty ladies out there, black, white, mexican, vewg etc

  17. HaRlEm wOrLd Says:

    Oh n been txn w da ex thats a email tho lol but man iono man

    “yesterday i fell in looove…today was like my funeraaaaal”

  18. HaRlEm wOrLd Says:

    Lil B got fans out in the Bay, was kind of weird. But if you think about it, its not such a surprise. San Fran is a very liberal place, and has a significant gay community out there too.

  19. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    HW if u saw that Marvs Room video dat was
    Me Friday stumbling round da club all fucked up broke n txt her smh

  20. Deen Says:

    *daps HW and the room*

    Now if Feces returns then maybe this weirdo shit will cease.

    *cooks to Cormega – Verbal Graffiti*


  21. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Oh n I heard Michael Knight on the radio here I was happy dat nigga one hit away cuz his material n work ethic is unmatched

  22. big_seth Says:

    I love Cali. Greatest place on earth.

  23. a Says:

    Lil Wayne is Top 5 of All Time

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