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Video: Jay-Z “A World With Amnesia”

In this clip, Jay talks about how that particular line in “The City Is Mine” was a vow to Biggie which was also addressed later on in “What More Can I Say”.

Props: Roc4Life. Cop the Decoded iPhone app here.

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26 Responses to “Video: Jay-Z “A World With Amnesia””

  1. London Bloke Says:

    What More Can I Say


    This beat >>>

  2. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    jersey all taking shit to the titty.

    how he gonna expect to tell stories of near poon success with such regaled fervor & not see jokes?

    nigga need to get yolked, no egg whites.

  3. harlem WORLD Says:

    Talk about the mase beef.

  4. big_seth Says:


    pharrell is the shit.

    too many dope ass tracks to not be.

    seeing sounds >>>>>>>> the rest of the NERD stuff. In Search of was no where near as cool. IMO. the glow in the dark tour was so ill.

    watching them perform that whole album MADE me fiend for the CD. that hadn’t happened in years.

  5. harlem WORLD Says:

    in my lifetime was my least favorite jay album

    but Who You Wit II >>>>

    love that track

  6. koa29 Says:

    any nigga on here that type that “my life real” shit sound corny as hell…you tellin it like someone on here actually care

  7. harlem WORLD Says:

    “while ya herrrre….i wanna tell you something…is that i love you girrrrrl and

    and i wish we could ruuuuun to the sunnn and never come back”

  8. heroine headliner Says:


  9. heroine headliner Says:

    my life real

    real talk, keppin it 100 hunnid

  10. mcb Says:

    method man>>>>>>>>>>

  11. Eastern_Digital Says:

    in my lifetime was my least favorite jay album

    but Who You Wit II >>>>

    love that track

    least fav? really?

    Imaginary Player >>>>
    Where Im From >>>>>
    A Million & One Questions >>>>>>>>>

    >>>>>>>> Sunshine tho
    almost got that so bad its good vibe

  12. stot Says:

    wake up early in da mornin, eat that pussy like cold pizza

  13. London Bloke Says:

    Yo Jay

    Talk about why you cant grow facial hair (II)

  14. harlem WORLD Says:

    texting me 100 times, callin me 100 times
    hope it is not you this time, damn i gotta change my line

    textin me youre gonna die, call a psychiatric line
    friends and family should know im, reportin this as a crime

    #pharrell gems

  15. London Bloke Says:

    Talk about who bottled you that time (no snitching)

  16. heroine headliner Says:

    #tinypants tudda graveyard…..

  17. harlem WORLD Says:

    least fav? really?

    Too jiggy for me…could tell Puff was all over that without even checking the credits

  18. London Bloke Says:



    nah nah nah nah nah nah nah

  19. big_seth Says:

    Yea You >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  20. heroine headliner Says:

    kingdome cum was some bullshit doe

  21. harlem WORLD Says:

    Imaginary Player >>>>
    Where Im From >>>>>
    A Million & One Questions >>>>>>>>>

    cosign all these tracks tho

    especially where im from

  22. harlem WORLD Says:

    imaginary player was smooth – thats my favorite type of jay-z (ll)

  23. heroine headliner Says:

    big willy style was a big record…..

    Lil homie still eatin off dat…..



  24. harlem WORLD Says:

    on some “old head” steez…does anyone remember the wascals

    just popped up on the mp3 player…they was like oddfuture before oddfuture – without the necrophilia

  25. harlem WORLD Says:


  26. heroine headliner Says:

    Hey Big Seth…..

    Happy birthday lil bro. May all your wishes come true. Be safe.

    -Heroine Headliner-

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