Video: The X-Ecutioners Pay Tribute To Roc Raida

Rob Swift, Total Eclipse and Precision of The X-Ecutioners pay tribute to their fallen brethren Roc Raida at the UK DMC Finals in London.

Props: Sumit

Previously: Trinity (A.G., Sadat X & DJ Jab) – Roc Raida Tribute

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3 Responses to “Video: The X-Ecutioners Pay Tribute To Roc Raida”

  1. stot Says:

    engrep if you would just STFU once and for all i would rejoice by cooking to basedgawd’s verse on grove st party

  2. middleclassjoe Says:

    whys my niggas always yelling that broke shit

    lets get money sun now you wanna smoke shit…..

    Chill god, yo tha sun dont chill allah

    whats todays mathematics son knowledge god.

    Ob4cl is a masterpiece.
    Where does rza get these sinister beats from?

  3. middleclassjoe Says:

    i mean this the type a shit you here in your dreams.

    Gullotine swords
    verbal intercourse

    i swear i have had dreams with these beats playing.

    This album is like hypnosis
    I could listen to this all day

    these beats , raekwon and ghost talking that fly shit.

    *bounces to ice cream, before repeating knowledge god again!*

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