Video: Lil Wayne on ESPN’s First Take

While in Hartford for his ongoing tour, Weezy dropped in on the ESPN studios to tape a segment for the 1st & 10 portion of First Take. They talk Rory McIlroy, Roethlisberger vs. Harrison,the new mixtape and more.

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    B was photographed with the YMCB family this past June, and he even tweeted about recording a track with Wayne. Now that the track has finally come to fruition, MTV News caught up with the Based God to chat about the experience and his gratitude to Mack Maine for setting it up.

    “He put us two together, me and Wayne, because he knew I had dumb-ass respect and major love for Wayne,” Lil B told us. “A lot of people say that I’m like him, and I take that as a compliment. It was crazy to see how Wayne embraced me, how he really respect my music [as] an artist.

    “I was nervous, and I don’t even get nervous about nothing, but I was nervous with that boy Wayne in that mother—-er,” he added about their session. “It was a good nervous, because it was like, ‘Man, I really made it.’ It was a bunch of people in the studio, but Wayne had it for me and him to get on this song, and it was just a real honor.”

    Lil B said the experience was like an NBA rookie getting a chance to play one-on-one against Kobe or Jordan, adding that Wayne was a fan of his music — the copious amounts of it — and a supporter of what he was doing.

    “He really liked the song ‘Free Wayne’ that I did,” Lil B said. “He knows what’s up. Wayne is hip. He knows about the cooking dance and everything. We was out there cooking at the Curren$y show, going nuts. Everybody at Cash Money, I just want them to have a long life, be safe, healthy and have fun and be happy.”


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