Video: J The S ft. Jon Hope & Franco Anthony – One Day Left

NSFW. Here’s the final video from J’s The Sky Is Falling EP with Restless Films.

Previously: J The S ft. Mike Maven – Bliss (Video)

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11 Responses to “Video: J The S ft. Jon Hope & Franco Anthony – One Day Left”

  1. mcb Says:

    i just had a strange though that the RHCP should work with rappers


  2. b Says:

    r. i.p. el feces loco

  3. Eastern_Digital Says:

    RIP ATCQ aka The Commissioner tho

  4. mcb Says:

    rip this site after 12;45 and before 5

  5. Troyvul Says:

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    He spent all Wednesday at the Saskatoon SPCA working with the dogs.

    He says the dogs have good dispositions, are compatible with people, and had no trouble being checked out.

    The dogs belonged to a devoted couple who lived in a rural home in eastern Saskatchewan.

    When the wife died after an illness, her husband then killed himself, leaving the dogs behind to fend for themselves.

    Patterson says the dogs did what they had to, and are not dangerous animals.

    “You just can’t assume just because they’ve had human flesh, that they’re going to become these creatures of the night, like a werewolf,” says Pattison.

    He believes two of the dogs may be mourning their dead owner.

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  6. stot Says:

    # London Bloke Says:
    July 14th, 2011 at 12:24 pm

    that wayne tape sucks



    grove st party>>>>>>>>>>
    gucci gucci>>>>>>>>
    the freestyle over adele’s shit>>>>>>>>

    he just picked mostly soft ass beats and clearly didn’t put much effort into the project as a whole

    i’m still bumping this shit at the gym tho

    sorry 4 the weight

  7. b Says:

    troy, who gives a fuck???

  8. big_seth Says:

    That Pusha Story in Nah light is dope.

    I didn’t realize he knew pharrell so long.

    damn. Thats’ why he gets precedent on those beats.

  9. b Says:

    yall better watch what u herbs say
    dont make me start ether friday on thursday
    i dont care if u a lurker or u hear on the reg
    anybody could get a shot thrown ask kev
    dissin b thats self etherous like tpf
    yall comment game stink like cici breath
    u gon need help from feces to defeat me
    u gon need them navy seal niggas that swim the deep sea
    be careful when revealing personal information
    I might use it as ammo if we should have an altercation
    dont try to aplogize like mcb
    cbc closed most of yall white like nbc
    cant walk in my zapatos cant be saved by the rapid posts

  10. b Says:

    respect the shooter

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