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Video: Jon Connor – Don’t Fall In Love With A Bitch

Pretty straight forward title. This is off Jon Connor’s Salvation LP which was released on iTunes today and is slowly making its way to the Top 30 Hip Hop Releases charts on iTunes.

Previously: Jon Connor – FLI69

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8 Responses to “Video: Jon Connor – Don’t Fall In Love With A Bitch”

  1. Cypher Says:

    Keys open doors but brick open windows…

  2. Cypher Says:

    Laughing so hard my tongue is out and shiiiiit….!!!

  3. Cypher Says:

    Her hands down my pants now she rockin Sean jean

  4. Deen Says:

    Kendrick Lamar – Section80 = Snooze/Asthma Rap.

  5. &What?! Says:

    Say you’re running the town but nobody told us
    I never got the memo, I’m sorry fellow
    You’re a level below, I’ll do it if I said hello
    You’re soft like jello, I go hard
    I flow dumb but I’m far from a retard
    Blackberry at my yard on recharge
    iPhone in my car that’s me star
    and I stay on the ball, like Fifa
    Still I stay smoking the potent reefer

    Bluku! Bluku!

  6. Belize Says:

    this is my new ish

  7. Mag Says:

    eskay Says:
    July 12th, 2011 at 2:12 pm

    >>Eskay: Well theres this guy that leaves comments on a blog Ive got…

    yeah, but ain’t nothing gonna happen though, that’s the whole point. screenames don’t exist in real life. in real life it’s just pussy niggas who won’t even make eye contact. niggas don’t really wanna approach me in real life and get themselves into a situation they ain’t ready for. in new york too? come on b, why would anybody do that to themselves.

    Whats all this about? Is Jihad at it again?

    Plane Ticket >

  8. Marv Says:

    Jon Conner is nice…..

    Don’t front on him fuck boys….

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