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Video: Immortal Technique Interview w/ Forbez DVD Pt. 2

Immortal Tech keeps going as the cameras roll for Forbez DVD.

Previously: Immortal Technique Says Downloading Isn’t Stealing, Record Labels Have Been Stealing From Artists For Years (Video)

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7 Responses to “Video: Immortal Technique Interview w/ Forbez DVD Pt. 2”

  1. Plug Says:

    Thats who yelawolf reminds me of..

    the pimp from Dirty Boys

    they from alabama too.

    you gotta be a true hip hop head to know what Im talkin bout now

  2. Plug Says:

    wow. its amazing how much yelawolfs style is influenced by the dirty boys

  3. mcb Says:

    yeah yela sounded better overtime to me

  4. Plug Says:


    thats who birthed yela ^

    dirty boyz first album is a southern classic album by the way

  5. Plug Says:

    LF: I take pride in being a super hip hop head. who you know that can recite every word to AZ’s peices of a man, then take that cd out and put in dirty boyz pimp and the hustla album and recite every word, then take that album out and put in MC eiht and recite every word to almost all his albums. then put in KRS One’s eduatinment album and know all them shyts.

    *scarface voice*


  6. Plug Says:

    Loud time maggots

    *bends corner*

  7. charles oakley Says:

    I know every word on “Tha Block is Hot”

    Salute me

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