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Video: Shalone x DMX (VERSES)

Shalone honors Earl for the latest installment of 2DopeBoyz & Restless Films’ VERSES Series.

Previoulsy: Grafh & Shalone – Saturday Night (EP)

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4 Responses to “Video: Shalone x DMX (VERSES)”

  1. Dos Equis Says:

    Seen a nigga get half his face removed with a box cutter Sunday..fuck that just shoot me.

    Nigga face was held together by paper plates and some napkins till the medics arrived.

  2. Jackson7 Says:

    if you done masturbated one millionth times and you 25 years old, that means you done did it 40,000 times a year… which is 109.6 times a day… wtf?..

    thats foul…

    yall niggas eatin way too much egg whites

  3. Dos Equis Says:

    This nigga look like master p son

    Yo shout out to C Miller, .02% of your sentence done..see you when you get out homie

  4. Dos Equis Says:

    LF Technicality: When does it count as masterbation?

    I grabbed my dick a few times and tugged it..is that a masterbatory act? Or is masterbation only counted upon successful nuttage?

    I think when I was like 16- 17 I jerked off like 9 times in one day..nigga wasnt getting no pussy, plus I used to watch MTV and BET a lot.

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