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Jay-Z – Criminology Freestyle (Unreleased)

In honor of the 15th Anniversary of the release of Reasonable Doubt, Philly Radio OG Colby Colb has liberated this extremely rare, mostly unheard Jay-Z interview and freestyle from 1995.

Colb explains:

What can I say, this is a historic moment in Hip Hop. At the time I knew of Jay-z from Original Flavor and he had a cameo on this Big Daddy Kane song that was out that summer.

This was before Rocafella, this was best friends Jay and Dame driving down to Philly in twin Lexus GS Coupes with records in the trunk. This was one of Jay-z first interviews outside of New York. You could see the potential in him, he was nervous yet confident. During this interview he talks about life before Reasonable Doubt which didn’t come out until 10 months later. Check out the freestyle over some Wu beats.

Yeah, it’s pretty surreal to hear Jay sounding all young and enthusiastic, talking about his minor accomplishments up to that point and plans for the future. He’s all amped up about the video they had just shot for the “In My Lifetime (Remix)” and the yet to be titled album that would become Reasonable Doubt. Then he spits over “Criminology” and the “Method Man” beat and fumbles a couple of lines. Classic shit.

Download: Link

UPDATE: Link fixed.

Spotted: RR

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16 Responses to “Jay-Z – Criminology Freestyle (Unreleased)”

  1. Fyodor Drostoevsky Says:

    No shots but… Ishmael Butler >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sean Carter

  2. 911 Says:


  3. NovemberEnd Says:

    poor Ruffness…she never dropped

  4. JJ Evans Says:

    You’re late. RAPRADAR been had this jay post.

  5. NovemberEnd Says:

    You’re late. RAPRADAR been had this jay post.
    Nahright don’t get no exclusive

    thought you knew (c) Jay to the

  6. why? Says:

    You’re late. RAPRADAR been had this jay post.

    R.I.P Dre

  7. 911 Says:

    rapradar done ran circles around nahright. yn, peeped the style and template and hibernated on the idea and birthed a better version of nah, just without the comments. flexed his industry connects and the story has been written. part of the formula he left without was the comments.. reason why it still seems like an offshoot. Won’t be that way for long though.. shots to big homie, banging the chick on her period is still a classic story.

    I gleaned all that from them posting this same basic story, this morning and having the full audio file and nahright just now posting this with the audio cutting off half way through. Neither site created the content, pure aggregation. I smell beef cooking sooner than later.

    Good times.

    Afwan, mai s-salaame

  8. ilovemia305 Says:

    $WonDough$ >>>>>

  9. charles lee ray Says:

    The revolution will not be televised.but it will prolly be on worldstar

  10. 50 Says:

    no shots but

    Eminem, Nas, Kurupt>>>>>>>>Jay-Z

  11. why? Says:

    Even though YN and his crew sometimes post music and videos earlier than Nah Right I still visit Nah more than Rap Radar. I don’t get OF from Rap Radar anymore and I don’t really care for who posts shit first. Rap Radar posts more skippable stuff than Nah and RR still seems corny to me so I still just visit Nah.

  12. ilovemia305 Says:


  13. Harlem World Says:

    yn has already fired shots at the nmc…he even name dropped eskay & nah right

    theres a room for both blogs to co-exist – rapradar is more mainstream x exclusives

    nahright is more “underground” x unsigned artists than rap radar – lupe, odd future, soulja boy etc cant even get a post on nah

    one thing i will say tho, it has a nice layout, much easier to navigate

  14. dockevoc Says:

    where’s the freestyle?

  15. P.W. Says:

    Rap Radar posts more skippable stuff than Nah
    Yep, $100 dollar answer.

  16. Sais Says:

    That was a slick Wu tang clan aint nothin to F wit Method Man blend.

    “I don’t know about too many more joint ventures.

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