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Video: Sean Price Interview w/ The Come Up Show

Sean Price talks about the irony of his career starting to pick up when he stopped caring about it. Also discusses the recently released Random Axe project.

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5 Responses to “Video: Sean Price Interview w/ The Come Up Show”

  1. Captain Planet Says:

    But if your rapping about selling crack to kids or shooting bitches, I prefer those bars to be fictional


    Hmmmm … this might actually be a gem

  2. Charles oakley Says:

    To each their own, there is no “correct” point of view

    What your iPod plays don’t make me shit

  3. Captain Planet Says:

    Killer Mike seems like a good dude and PL3DGE was surprisingly good

    But …

    there’s a line where he says something to the effect that he sold crack to his neighbors so he could build a recreation center for little boys around the hood

    That rubbed me wrong (n)

    I know the dichomoty of the self righteous drug dealer blah blah …

    But you’re poisoning their mothers so their kids can play pick up basketball ?

    These kind of ideas are confusing the young black youths …

  4. Charles oakley Says:

    I tend towards the “it’s just entertainment” view

    But I’m not gonna be cosigning the new nas if he starts raping kids

  5. Charles oakley Says:

    I’m off to cook some hamburguesas


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