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Video: “The Cud Life Tour” (Episodes 1-6)

Chip Tha Ripper’s team uploaded all of this behind the scenes footage from this past week’s shows in San Francisco and L.A. on KiD CuDi’s Cud Life tour.

The first clip is fairly short, but the rest are a relatively longer. Episodes 2-6 after the jump.

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4 Responses to “Video: “The Cud Life Tour” (Episodes 1-6)”

  1. Casket Face Says:

    fuck your girl and give her back, i’m courteous

  2. big545 Says:


    twitpic.com/5ftiof #DraftDaySuitTragedy Samaki Walker… Looks like Master P on da last don cover

  3. Camelot Says:

    White girls named Heidi <<<<<<

  4. Jayson Werth's beard Says:

    cuzzin todd is the geek

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