Video: Slaughterhouse Interview w/ HardKnockTV Pt. 2

Part 2 of HKTV’s extensive Slaughterhouse sit-down.

Exclusive in-depth interview with all four members of Slaughterhouse (‬Crooked I, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Royce da 5’9″)‪. Part 2 of this interview starts off with Nick Huff Barili asking ‬Slaughterhouse about their Solo albums. Crooked talks :Million Dollar Story, Royce: Success is Certain, Joe: The Great Escape, Joell Ortiz: currently untitled album but is in works with new label.

The conversation moves on to Joell stating that he still listens to the Classics and isn’t really inspired by the New Generation of rappers, though he does shout out J Cole and Wiz Khalifa. Joell makes a great point when he says that these days “People are listening to music with their eyes!” Crooked adds that new artists need to do more research on the history of hip hop.

Without giving you too much of the video, just know that this interview is just getting started. As the conversation progresses Joell describes how music has allowed him to travel, which has opened his mind, including recent trip to Skid Row with Sick Jacken. Crooked talks about having to move around while he was growing up because he was raised by single mom that had 7 kids and how he hated moving as a little kid but it has now helped him become one of the most lyrical MC on the West Coast.

Since they were at the Paid Dues festival Nick asked Slaughterhouse who in Hip Hop they think deserves more Dues Paid. You are gonna have to watch the interview to find out the answer to that. The conversation ends with Joe talking about how hip hop fans are not as savvy as rock fans (do you agree with that?). This is in response to Nick’s question about why rock groups like The Rolling Stones can still tour and sell out arenas but Hip Hop pioneers are largely neglected. ….Yaowa….

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4 Responses to “Video: Slaughterhouse Interview w/ HardKnockTV Pt. 2”

  1. GMLLZ Says:

    Bill Walters’ story >>>>>

  2. Albert Findsdimes Says:

    LOL they’re talking about Bosh on TV like “sometimes he gets the label of being ‘soft’.”

  3. kenny Says:

    given up on detox . how could dre give fans what thy want instead of what they need to be up on ? ‘turn me on’ shoulda been the single out the gate’

    snoop , mykestro, bishop , knocturnal and missy
    thats some 2011 roy ayers/jamiroqui tip
    slowed down dance and boogie shit.

  4. wax Says:

    re: the rock longevity

    its because those dudes made classic records that still sound good to this day, and people want to relive their youth and pay to go to those concerts to make that happen. theres not too many hip hop live acts that can really command a stage to begin with, much less when they are 50 years old. that, and the image of hip hop is youth – I dont want to go to see Nas peform illmatic when I’m 35.. its better listen in your ride music.

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