Maino – Biggie Is Back

Ross and them dug up Pac’s corpse for one more trip around the block so it was only right that Maino resurrect Big. RespectTheJux #10

Download: Link | Mirror

Previously: Maino ft. Gunplay & Waka Flocka – Rollin (Prod. by Lex Luger)

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202 Responses to “Maino – Biggie Is Back”

  1. jihaD Scorsese Says:


    I wrotw 5 songs based on concepts she gave me, then we went back and rewrote 3 based on the ones she liked. I cam up with the melodies, he vocal coach did the notes (since I have zero experience in this area), and no, her publicist wouldn’t. Let me take any pictures since she was in “work” mode and not in costume.

    And show and prove, that’s MY shit, lol. Fuck I look like?. I can show you the bank reciept lol.


  2. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    “Next they’ll be dressin like me
    But back in the G, they wasn’t stressin like me
    Good thing I had the balls to boss up
    If not for that ain no tellin where I might be”

    How anyone can’t like Curren$y is beyond me. That nigga motivational man.

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