Video: Sean Price Interview w/ Forbez DVD

P Body sits down with Doggie Diamonds in his kitchen and talks about what kind of music he listens to, a record he has with M.O.P. for Mic Tyson, the Ghostface record he wishes he had a verse on, going H.A.M. vs. going Beef Stew and more.

On another note, I neglected to mention the story Rosenberg dropped in the middle of the Cam & Vado episode of Juan Epstein about Mike Tyson sending Mic Tyson to the store when he was a kid. It’s at about the 30:00 minute mark if you slept and wanna back track.

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  1. b Says:

    Well, I honestly just said, “fuck it,” and was going to take the high road– I mean, why bother writing and recording a song about a commenter? Especially one who spent so much of his time studying my life? Apparently, owning a home, raising a family, and having a Master’s is somehow frowned upon and comedic material in rap now?

    ^yall nigga get so emotional.

    janelle monae: you okay shelton, u look like u got something on your mind
    shellz thee odor:nah, I’m good, I ready to do this song for u.
    janelle monae:song?what song?I thought u were an editor?I heard u do great articles and nice interviews.

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