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Jon Connor – I C U Lookin’ (Made You Look Freestyle)

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12 Responses to “Jon Connor – I C U Lookin’ (Made You Look Freestyle)”

  1. Marv Says:

    u an internet goon? gonna come visit a nigga over not likin ur music, foh…go play on the highway


    Chill god…

    You don’t wanna be that next nigga on Worldstar that got his vehicle smashed in….

    Camelot seems genuine….I mean artists should take criticism well….

  2. GMLLZ Says:

    Bosh is a fruit…

    ….and he sucks….


    …..the irony


    Fuck off dude…

    I’m tired of your shit…

    Just do us all a favor, and STFU….


    Lol. Obviously you didn’t understand the irony. Marv, take what you just typed to me…find a mirror and then read it again. Thanks.

  3. sarjo1988 Says:

    marv wut ru talkin about tho…u really think he gon come see a nigga over saying i think ur music trash

    it aint that serious, this is the internet, idk if niggas forget that

  4. Remixznflow Says:

    Won dough got niggas shook lol….

    I see you Miami…

  5. sarjo1988 Says:

    whos shook…only two niggas in here that disagreed wit the music

    and i dont think either are shook

  6. LeRoy Green Says:

    why won’t you just DIE!!????

  7. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    you can mumble over this beat and it would sound dope

  8. SPITGAME Says:

    *Daps Shells*

    Yo… 1st off… FOH Deen… LOL


    A.A.P > Shellz thee Odor…

    The Collective: “Of course he gon take his homie side…. Boooo”

    So the fuck what…. All bias aside:

    b dropped off a pretty entertaing joint… When Shells told him to drop a song I’m sure he meant just an original jawn to see if what he can do is better, so I can see the diss as coming outta no where (which really, this whole thing did cuz I remember the nigga callin Shells brother in law all heavy)…

    It was even moreso entertaining in the sense that, the c section got suntin to pick apart and make alotta jokes about…

    And b didn’t slack either, he knew if he was gon drop it he’d better put some real thought into his rap…

    As far as beat selection he could have went deeper… Ether is too cliche….

    Def put Shells in a pickle… What kinda ammo do u have vs a Internet presence who go by b? Especially being a show and prove guy like Shells and sorta unknowingly giving ammo out over the last year or so… Whaddya do?

    You say fuck it…

    You sit and hand pick 5 or 6 good beats and go in wit whatever you got for ten fuckin minutes like, “You thought you wasn’t go see me?”

    Niggas say “b had power punches”

    Maybe to you, even so not all matches end in a knockout either… Sometimes you just gotta keep swingin and connecting and let it go to the cards…

    If I’m judging, I already told you where this round goes…

    And I fuck wit the nigga b…. I don’t like how you was puttin my name in ur disses doe, talmbout “u holdin bsg back” nah don’t give nobody that credit if anybody holdin anything back it’s ME

    But that’s it that’s all RIP the sixers shoutout Jrue and Lou and Elton n nem

    *daps everybody*

  9. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Just refer to the Mysonne interview
    That pretty much says it all about wack ass
    rappers n niggas cosignin nonsense

  10. gramMasta Says:

    fukin grizzlies

    i was 1 sec away from gettin scrilla

    ps: a wager between friends alphabet dude guys

  11. Big545 Says:


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