Video: Trailer for Starla (A Film by Rik Cordero)

I was just saying to nation the other day, wtf is up with Rik Cordero? Well apparently this is what’s been up with Rik Cordero.

Writer/director Rik Cordero’s third feature film, Starla premieres worldwide on June 25, 2011. The suspense thriller chronicles a young woman’s struggle with the loss of her daughter to a botched surgery and her attempt to get even with the surgeon who killed her. Starla speaks to the inner fears many young families will face.

SYNOPSIS – When Katie Wilson tragically loses her daughter Starla to a botched surgery, her marriage begins to unravel prompting her to turn to long-distance running as a way to cope with her grief. However, the thin fabric of her new life comes apart when Katie discovers the truth about Starla’s death and is suddenly forced to discover the depths of physical obsession. Executive Produced by Chris Robinson and Robot Films.

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2 Responses to “Video: Trailer for Starla (A Film by Rik Cordero)”

  1. Camelot Says:

    whatup niggas

  2. Doctor Bulldog Says:

    apparently he’s still a subpar director, too

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