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DJ Khaled – We The Best Forever (Artwork)

Who was supposed to be Watching the Throne?

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8 Responses to “DJ Khaled – We The Best Forever (Artwork)”

  1. sarjo1988 Says:

    this dude is seriously jus sickening man, but gives a dude like me hope that anyone can make it to the game

  2. White and on Nahright Says:

    Khaled has the biggest nose in rap history

  3. Samsohn Says:

    I hope this arab ninja never stands up ever again

  4. WULU Says:


  5. the real sharpy Says:

    hahahahaha, iz he red flaggin? lmfao, dude need to get of baby’s dick

  6. Lex! Says:

    plz change the cover…

    what a fucking lameo hate this faggot

  7. WUTANGFAN Says:

    looks almost like the death row logo…now somebody just make it an electric chair for real real and fry this lame

  8. Shawn Biggs Says:

    Lol this look like subliminal shot to me at Jay and Kanye.

    “BABY MONEY!!” – JAY-Z

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