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Lloyd Banks – Misery

Produced by Doe Pesci off Cold Corner 2, coming soon.

Lloyd Banks – Misery | Nukeshare

Previously: Lloyd Banks – Getting To It Mandatory

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7 Responses to “Lloyd Banks – Misery”

  1. why? Says:

    Kanye live right now at Coachella


  2. son Says:

    photo by son

  3. 50 Says:

    Animal Kingdom>>>>>>>> every 2010 movie

  4. -keka- Says:

    feelin this joint..

  5. jonathan Says:

    ah banks you know your time is coming! make sure you be okay! death penalty is a hard thing to swallow! have the time of your life! i dont no help! I got this! what you dont understand! its going down regardless! pay attention! youll be on the fbi website today! take care brother! you loose! mark my words!

  6. illogical Says:

    ^^^ The fuck??

  7. Gusto Says:

    Dunno what Jonathon talmbout up top but this joint is pretty tuff…


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