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Video: Lil Wayne – I Am Still Music Tour Vlog: Indiana

Lil Wayne took a minute out to dead the usual MediaTakeOut bullshit, this time about a cougar girlfriend (in actuality, his stylist.)

Afterwards he announces he’s on the prowl for Notre Dame’s women basketball pointguard Skylar Diggins, puts on her jersey and then does the gayest dance ever for her.

*blank stare*

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5 Responses to “Video: Lil Wayne – I Am Still Music Tour Vlog: Indiana”

  1. mcb Says:

    sooo he should be on drugs?

  2. Marv Says:

    Yo Harlem, why Jha Jha talking sideways ’bout your boy Jimmy yo?….

    You see all them Youtube videos?….

  3. 911 Says:

    4 hrs, 16 mins ago
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    *cries in a corner*

  4. PLUG Says:

    *also cries in corner*

  5. PLUG Says:

    if lil waynes teeth were pulled out before he went to the pen, is it safe to say that he wears a denture grill now???

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