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Game ft. Chris Brown – Only One

Most likely a R.E.D. Album throwaway.

Game ft. Chris Brown – Only One | Nukeshare

Spotted: HHNM

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7 Responses to “Game ft. Chris Brown – Only One”

  1. Instru-mental AKA Darth Vader AKA Your Father Says:

    R.E.D Album is most likely a throwaway


  2. Danny Ocean Says:

    paid dues don’t pay rent

  3. mcb Says:

    Harlem World Says:

    April 9th, 2011 at 12:20 pm
    i still listen to i am – i never thought it was that bad

    i skip ‘you wont see me tonight’- cant listen to anything with aaliyah on (rip)

    illmatic > iww > lost tapes > stillmatic > gods son > i am > hip hop is dead > untitled > streets disciple > nastradamus
    i coudl never list em, but that aint bad.
    allthough, actrually


  4. mcb Says:

    i just read that my buddy (well used to hang out with more) got cuffed last week after a domestic dispute (he lives at home with his folks…),.

    i was chillin with his brother last night… didnt say anything. and to be honest, im not even sure he knows.

    if eh does, obv doesnt wanna talk about it, as he has kinda separated himself from his bro a little. he was home last week though for a min.

    im not sure if i should bring it up or not…

  5. Harlem World Says:

    waka flocka > game

    this isnt bad – but game bores me

  6. Bullet Bill Says:

    Game and Chris Brown are the corniest motherfuckers alive. I wish both of them would die.

  7. Nah Right » Game ft. Ray J – Yesterday Says:

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