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Video: Curtis Things Fall Apart Movie Premiere

New Curtis drinking game: every time he says “actual”, take a shot.

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4 Responses to “Video: Curtis Things Fall Apart Movie Premiere”

  1. Whowantwhat Says:

    How about we play a drinking game of how many times a bitch Nigga can hate on another Nigga?

  2. AFGun Says:

    lol eskay cant get enough of that hateraid when it comes to fif.. and he’s clearly running out of good material

  3. Nah Right » Video: Curtis Interview w/ Miss Info Says:

    […] Curtis talks threesomes, sex and relationships with Miss Info before hitting the premiere of his new movie. […]

  4. Trusty Says:

    Ha ha “Actual” Y does one say that so many times? Fkn weird

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