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Homeboy Sandman – I Knew (Late Night)


Homeboy Sandman joined Twitter specifically to send this to ?uestlove in an attempt to appear as the musical guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

Homeboy Sandman – I Knew | Nukeshare

Spotted: AnimalNY

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7 Responses to “Homeboy Sandman – I Knew (Late Night)”

  1. JJ Evans Says:

    More details on Mister Cee. Damn….


  2. el feces loco Says:

    I know u didnt mean this to be funny, but damn efl lmao.even when he aint trying

    A wise man can play an idiot ..but an idiot can never play a wise man

  3. GMLLZ Says:

    According to the criminal complaint filed by Officer Lindsay Agard , the longstanding Hot 97 DJ and associate of Big Daddy Kane and The Notorious B.I.G., was caught with his “exosed, naked and erect penis” in the mouth of a man by the name of Lawrence Campbell in a parked car at 4 a.m. (not 4 p.m. as originally reported) last Wednesday (March 30) two blocks away from the Holland Tunnel on Manhattan’s West Side. Campbell, who goes by the moniker Brookle-Lynne Pinklady on his Facebook page, was found with his “mouth and lips in an up-and-down motion consistent with oral sex.”


    Its a wrap b. Reynolds.

  4. rocstar Says:

    those excerpts are hilarious. they paint a picture almost as good as a nas song. he might as well go ahead and turn it into a song.

  5. rocstar Says:

    i dont get it, did mr cee know dude was a dude? why wouldnt u just grab a female if ur gona pay for it? or did he think he was a she?

  6. mr leon Says:


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