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Video: Fedel ft. Show Tufli – Badu Joint

Not familiar with this kid Fedel, but this is pretty dope.

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6 Responses to “Video: Fedel ft. Show Tufli – Badu Joint”

  1. NovemberEnd Says:

    This is ok

    I’ve heard worst

  2. JJ Evans Says:

    Did I forget to mention?

    Pusha T – Fear Of God >

  3. 456 Says:

    beat is fire

  4. Troubleshooter1900 Says:

    Seen niggas talkin about crying in public =homo.

    Last time I cried in public was when I was 19. My best friend had just been shot 5 times and had just came home from the hospital. We chalked it up for about 3 days straight and made arrangments for him to move in with me in Oak Park when he healed properly so he can step outside of the hood and spread his wings. Get his GED, get a real job, get away from the hood and get his life together for his 2 kids typa shit.

    So we on th porch making arrangments for his room and shit when he go and holla at his grandma around back. As she pulls off, I heard 2 shots. Man, I got to the back so fast I didn’t realize I was standing in the back when I was there. My boy just took 2 to the head.

    I was on the ground crying tryna punk my nigga’s brains back in his head. I didn’t know WHAT THE FUCK I was doing. The cops showed up, looked at me and just started shaking their heads.

    That day, I lost the closest nigga I ever had to me and I called my eyes out. To this day I ain’t got no best friend or a nigga I let get too close to me.

    Crying don’t mean you a bitch. Big Sean though, prolly. Nigga, just perform and collect the check for what you love doing.

    But there are times when crying in public had it’s proper reservations, not at a damn concert though.


  5. Troubleshooter1900 Says:


  6. young kof Says:

    this is fuego, no eggo


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