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Video: Fabolous x 3 Little Digs

Fab talks kicks, music and his love for the finer things in life with 3 Little Digs.

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15 Responses to “Video: Fabolous x 3 Little Digs”

  1. Eastern_Digital Says:



    Didier Drogbas birthday cake…smh

  2. Eastern_Digital Says:

    nh @ “3 little digs”

  3. Casketface Says:

    New York knows how to run a song into the fucking ground until they brain wash you on some MK Ultra shit lol

    especially that Fab

  4. Troyvul Says:

    Didier Drogbas birthday cake…smh

  5. Bricktop Says:

    Yeah, buy why he make the black chick sit all by herself on that hot ass hood?

  6. Casketface Says:




  7. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    lol @ that birthday cake… but Drogba’s got to stop using hair relaxer, he’s not fooling anybody

  8. MiddleClassJoe Says:

    It is a social sciences elective class @ NEWKID, I’ll prolly go with where im from, only said Run this town cause of the illuminati references in his verses. Maybe D’evils. Or Meet the parents.


  9. London Bloke Says:

    Yo I know the peoples that threw Drogba party. Smhead at the cake too

    Yo Nah I’m gone.


  10. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    “Where Have You Been” and “Some How Some Way” could also be essay papers easily

  11. rocstar Says:

    MiddleClassJoe Says:
    March 15th, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    Yo i got this paper I have to write for one of my classes. I have to write an analysis on something. Wanted to do a CamelGOAT song and was thinking his “Run this Town” verses.

    Anybody know any better Camel songs to analyse?

    i had to do a paper when i was in school and i did it on what more can i say. lots of quoteables in there u can analyze. for example when he says i dont wear jerseys im 30 plus. theres a david stern quote out there that says whenever he runs into hov he always tells him that he killed his jersey business. my teacher was on my nuts for that paper.

  12. Bricktop Says:

    Social Sciences? You should probably go with ‘Minority Report’ off the Black Album.

  13. Casketface Says:

    “My bravado make em’ gaga Alejandro / this is greatness / the flow is ape shit / Jon is congo / I am first place and you worst place at the gong show / i kill shit and ride off in that white Bronco”

    – Jon Connor

  14. Bricktop Says:

    Correction: Kingdom Come, not the Black Album.

  15. Shawn Biggs Says:



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