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Pill ft. Keri Hilson – Pretty Girl Rock (Remix)

Pill gives that Keri Hilson joint the remix treatment, redoing the chorus and all that: “Don’t hate me ’cause I’m moving blow…”

Pill ft. Keri Hilson – Pretty Girl Rock (Remix) | Nukeshare

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8 Responses to “Pill ft. Keri Hilson – Pretty Girl Rock (Remix)”

  1. Charles Oakley Says:

    @johnhollinger The man has 1 point in 77 minutes with the team. RT @SheridanESPN M.D’Antoni leaning toward keeping J.Jeffries as permanent starting center.
    about 2 hours ago
    lol @ the nyk stannin

    yall aint even gettin out of the first round

  2. JihaD Says:

    Albert, Kejuan, and Alan in the studio:


  3. Bama Says:

    Thats a cute yella

  4. Hopp Says:

    Any excuse to post the Yee pic.

  5. Jackson7 Says:


    niggas dont know nuffin about team defense and team chemistry… Jeffires is a defensive specialist.. can guard EVERY position on the court… has guarded Steve Nash and Kevin Garnett…

    ask Al Horford (4 pts Sunday)

    Bulls better hold onto that 2 seed… they dont wanna see the Knicks…

    they already 0-2 against them this year..

    and Douglas outplayed Rose in that 2nd game… without Melo and Billups and Jeffries

    Knicks > Bulls


    . . .Ehh, look’s like a black Meg Griffin.

  7. Charles Oakley Says:

    Knicks > Bulls


    sho you rite

  8. Charles Oakley Says:

    and Douglas outplayed Rose in that 2nd game
    so now one game means more than a full season?


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