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Video: A.P. – Daddy’s Favorite Song

A.P. flows over some Marvin for his upcoming mixtape, WILL I.E.

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9 Responses to “Video: A.P. – Daddy’s Favorite Song”

  1. el feces loco Says:

    She’s a cute snowbunny with about 20 lbs from being a strong 8,big tits,big ole ass,with hips.

    ^ I often dream about piping whitings like this..

    Yo Jers you think she’d remember you if she saw me?

  2. el feces loco Says:

    # CiCi The Intern Says:
    February 10th, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    So y’all wanna know whether I have a gag reflex?


    well do you?

  3. Jersey*made*me Says:

    Yo Jers you think she’d remember you if she saw me?


    dawg,i’ll put you on,it’s nothing.

  4. Nah'sOnlyWhiteBoy Says:


    I dont have problems with getting pussy. You just stir my words up.

    I’m real with Nah.

    I’m sure you are too, but you alot older.

    Alot fatter.

    Alot uglier.

    Alot more wifed up.

    Alot less educated.

    And you front like Pharrell.

    I dont wear pink kakhi suuits

  5. A Chick Says:

    “Got Racks on Racks on Racks”

  6. tron stockton Says:

    THEY SHOOTIN’ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Chief Ali Says:

    you aint got no problems with me…

    you have problems getting pussy…

    aim your anger inward… bitch.


    this nigga remix done knocked out whatever teefus homie had left

  8. el feces loco Says:

    You ain’t never lied. It’s some HOT shit out there.

    “won’t pluck a chicken wing,don’t fuck wit

    that’s only meant for lower income girls

    Now if you gon tell me she white fat and broke then I wouldnt want her either.

    What model/year Honda Accord she drive?

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