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Capone ft. Imam Thug – False Alarm

It’s ‘Pone’s Born-day so he decided to emancipate this new joint he’s got with Imam Thug. Look out for a Capone solo project later this year.

Capone ft. Imam Thug – False Alarm | Usershare

Spotted: 57th Ave

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3 Responses to “Capone ft. Imam Thug – False Alarm”

  1. rocstar Says:

    Broussard said same thing, deal not dead, and jr buss is hesitant to let go of his pride n joy.

  2. b Says:

    imam thug lol.thinks back to that clue freestyle when nore and them queens cats rhymed wit cam and murder and dem.classic shit

  3. KzA Says:

    damn I wish I could watch this ‘Return to Titletown’ celebration instead of sittin in this fuckin cube

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