Video: Wiz Khalifa Interview w/ DJ Whoo Kid

Wiz stops by DJ Whoo Kid‘s show during his Superbowl Special to do an interview.

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One Response to “Video: Wiz Khalifa Interview w/ DJ Whoo Kid”

  1. NovemberEnd Says:

    That’s what production is about. Telling an artist to try to sing in a different note, or correct them when they hit a bad one. That’s part of the reasons why Diplo, Mark Ronson & Salaam Remi still have careers.

    Beatmakers who wanna last need to understand this.
    Thing is tho, the producers/beatmakers alot of times are not in the studio to instruct or make on the spot changes…

    rough tracks get sent through email, weeks maybe months later they may or may not get sent back for mix down or added instruments…

    Havoc who produced countless classics doesn’t hear the song that he submitted for Recovery until it hit the stores or rather leaks to the internet weeks before it hits retail stores…lol

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