Video: Eminem’s Brisk & Chrysler 200 Super Bowl Commercials

Pretty clever. Eminem makes an ad about why he doesn’t make ads, and collected $1 million as he passed go. Rumor has it that Eminem and Brisk will be doing a music project together as well, but there are no official reports to either confirm or deny this.

Em’s ad for the Chrysler 200 is after the jump. It’s a bit longer and less lighthearted, but still worth watching. I don’t know if spending $9 million for Eminem to appear in your ad is gonna revive Detroit’s auto industry, but it’s still a cool ad nonetheless.

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  1. Tong Po Flo Says:

    That Audi commercial >>

  2. Nah Right » Video: Dr. Dre’s Chrysler 300 S Commercial Says:

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