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Video: Diddy in Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl ad

Diddy’s car comes alive at night on some Transformers shit in the extended cut of this new Mercedes-Benz spot that will air during the Super Bowl (via Rap-Up). In related news, Diddy denies buying his son another Maybach, which ironically enough isn’t the only Maybach rumor Diddy is involved in these days. Ha.

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8 Responses to “Video: Diddy in Mercedes-Benz Super Bowl ad”

  1. tron stockton Says:

    neva feed it afta dark, gotta treat it like a gremlin

  2. Mini Daddy Says:


  3. Mini Daddy Says:


  4. Smooth Says:

    Any of you motherfuckers ever had a 3some?

  5. Mini Daddy Says:

    Any of you motherfuckers ever had a 3some?

    a devils threesome

  6. Mini Daddy Says:

    unban me doe, im not hoots alt

  7. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    No :-(
    Had few chances but it never went the way I wanted it too!
    I had this escort I was knockin down few yrs back. Good story actually. Never paid her mackin pimp!
    But anyway she was a fuckin PRO did it all closest I’ve came to a porn star bro. I was callin off work smokin, n sippin fuckin all day she had incredible appetite, wake up beat it down pass out reepaet, cum shot anything. Type a hoe that come w da trees n all. So anyway I was tellin her I wanted to have da 3some. She sd her friend wld do it. We called her up it was lookin good but she told me that she wld have to pay her friend. She was goin pay for it but once I found that out I was like nah, takes the fantasy away. I want it to pop off like the movies! Guess that’s just me tho.

    Also have another story I wrote on here while ago had niggas weak!!! When I went for da 3some this other time lol

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