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Young Jeezy – Welcome To My Hood (G-Mix)

Jeezy is lucky there was nothing else happening this week…

Young Jeezy – Welcome To My Hood (G-Mix)

Check back in an hour for the whole tape.

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11 Responses to “Young Jeezy – Welcome To My Hood (G-Mix)”

  1. SPITGAME Says:

    @Ci Ci

    Check your DM, girl….

  2. CiCi The Intern Says:

    Spit, I hit you back

    *disclaimer* This is not a Kev situation ….

  3. 007 Says:

    Rebounds DO NOT WORK. Im tellin you. I have bout 3 cases in my cirlce that proves this fact. My one homie was datin this chick for 2, he leaves her for another chick gets engaged to her, then he ends up breakin off the engagement bcuz he wants the og girl back.
    Got a homegirl who was engaged shit fell thru , she rebounded this nigga, end up leavin him cuz she knew it was nothin but a rebound.
    Like ppl kno deep in they heart who they wanna be w. Just give it time n do you.

    Get that diddy, it explains it all

  4. 456 Says:

    Spit, I hit you back

    *disclaimer* This is not a Kev situation …

    ^triple entendre don’t even ask her how…

  5. SPITGAME Says:

    *disclaimer* This is not a Kev situation ….
    LMAO… that disclaimer alone is gon have niggas thinkin the opposite…

    Fuck em (n) tho

  6. Black Brokaw Says:

    Jeezy shouod get a ghostwriter. Dude need some bars

  7. 007 Says:

    I liberated that Drizzy last nite. Not as bad as I thgouth when I first bought it in the summer. I played it about 3x and never touched until last nite. I wasnt in a good space to hear that shit n felt it was too soft. But its not really a bad album afterall

  8. 007 Says:

    Jeezys run is up. that Trap Boy lane is over
    Guccis run is up
    Ti’s run is up
    Games run is up

    Niggas dont realize you get 15 mins. Some are longer than others.
    Your star can only shine for so long. Nothin last forever!

  9. LeRoy Green Says:

    Gutter Rainbows >>>>>>

    And Jean Grae is better than A LOT of rappers.

  10. Nah Right » USDA – CTE Or Nothing (Mixtape) Says:

    […] Previously: Young Jeezy – Welcome To My Hood (G-Mix) […]

  11. abgohard Says:

    actually nahright , my boy mike petrow put out his wet paint mixtape, prolly best shit to come out this week

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