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Curtis – Old 2003 Ferrari

Curtis put together this collage of old mixtape covers and pictures of his old enemies to let you know he’s not playing.

Curtis – Old 2003 Ferrari

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11 Responses to “Curtis – Old 2003 Ferrari”

  1. Jersey*made*me Says:

    Fif nigga!!!!

    This my nigga right here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Smooth Says:

    0 mins ago
    Slaves and slave masters still exist today…

    You see those Jordans, or that Nike shirt ur wearing? That was made by ppl in a 3rd world country, on wages below $1 a day…
    We are all slavemasters, raping the poorer countries of the world…
    Its just that we are kept seperate from the third world, so its out of sight, so we dont feel guilty

    We want the cheapest labour costs….thats what slavery is about, making ppl labour for free so the rich dont have to suffer. Thats the motivation behind slavery
    Thats whats going on now in less economically developed countries. We (the west) want the cheapest prices, and are unwilling to work in hard conditions for no money, so we exploit those who have NO CHOICE (ie. Kids in india, africa, indonesea)….
    Slavery is still alive and we are now ignoranf slavemasters

  3. Jersey*made*me Says:

    “i’ll smack a high note outta one of you niggas”


  4. Jersey*made*me Says:


    You right,but stfu b. Don’t nobody wanna hear all that Marcus Garvey shit at 9 am. No disrespect.

  5. White and on NahRight Says:

    He ain’t playing. And nobody’s watching his movies. Sounds alright to me.

  6. Smooth Says:

    ^ Harlem just pointed out the diff between slaves and indentured servants. Europe came to the congo and wilded out. Chopping hands of little babies. You can’t excuse that kind of behaviour. An act that’s still practiced today since it was introduced to intimidate and promote fear

    Fam, its got nothing to do with Europeans. That shit still happens today…there are cannibalist africans who sacrifice babys and eat them in Liberia…

    Thats just generally how humans behave when we arent connected to a higher sense of morality, we literally become animals.

  7. MC Says:

    Why can’t this punk-ass website just admit this shit is good?!?

  8. ginobli Says:

    why cant he just make music like this get back to it curtis

  9. betrott Says:

    Classic 50

  10. geen 1 Says:

    MC… whoever posts this shit up there talkin bout “new curtis” there hatred is really love .. all callen 50 by his real name like u know the nigga, they dont do that with other artists, fuckin tryen to make fun of dudes name when they up there posten under a handle, i think they just hate the fact 50 run the rap game ,

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