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Video: T.I. ft. Rico Love – Lay Me Down

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5 Responses to “Video: T.I. ft. Rico Love – Lay Me Down”

  1. Rajon Trondo Says:


    OAKLEY – i think you missed this this morning.

    also, not to beat a dead horse, but LWHRadio taking a 2 week break. we will be back the sunday after the super bowl

  2. Remixznflow Says:

    this wasnt a bad look for T.I. he need a hit…

  3. charles oakley Says:

    I’m guessinng dats dat der dat boi go, right?

    Smart move tron, decrease the supply, multiply the demand.

  4. hl Says:

    Appreciate that.

  5. big_seth Says:

    what up folks.

    I have something to admit.

    I haven’t updated my iPod in like a month.

    so I have all this music that I have yet to hear.

    I bought apollo kids & never loaded it on my pod.

    just been jammin the CD.

    I’ve never heard the Ross tape, the Spitta tape or this new game tape


    *puts head down in shame.*

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