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David Banner – Superbowl (I Can’t Wait)

Dead @ Bai Ling randomly being there.

David Banner – Superbowl (I Can’t Wait)


Props: Splash

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4 Responses to “David Banner – Superbowl (I Can’t Wait)”

  1. Charles Oakley Says:

    I’ve been robbed of most of my money. Can I at least get a blow job?


  2. The Cool Says:

    I need some hard ass beats and lyrics,violence preferably. Drop some names for me yall. No skinny jeans,mohawk niggas. Some shit that make you do extra sets.


    Can’t go wrong with early 50/ g-unit or the Dips for the gym/ running, anything from:

    Come home with me
    From me to u
    Get rich or die trying
    Beg for mercy
    Hunger for more
    Diplomatic Immunity V1
    Purple Haze
    The Massacre

  3. TY Says:

    ..Ling’s wherever the cocaine is lol

  4. @StellasKid Says:

    I still don’t really understand who Bai Ling is!

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