Dr. Dre feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey – I Need A Doctor (Artwork)

Alex Da Kid, the track’s producer, mentioned over the weekend that this is Dre’s “official” single, and now Amazon has a pre-order for February 1st.

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5 Responses to “Dr. Dre feat. Eminem & Skylar Grey – I Need A Doctor (Artwork)”

  1. Slumbilical Says:

    LUPE ftw

  2. b Says:

    alex da kid getting a lot of placements.

  3. Jackson7 Says:

    at EFL..

    of course the stigma of being a black QB hasnt been eliminated…

    why else do you you think that everytime a black QB is successful, they never attribute it to his preparartion, or leadrership skills, or ability to read defenses?… why they always talkin bout changing his position…

    its always, “he’s a great atlhlete, blahblahblah… he’s elusive blahblahblah..”

    with white QBs its always…”he’s a great leader of men… he has pocket awarenes, blahblahblah… he can read defenses blahblahblah..”

    why Jimmy Claussen and Sam Bradford or Colt mcCoy or Tim Tebow dont have to worry bout playing safety or cornerback or receiver? (cause they cant)

    well Cam mustve been reading something right, cause he picked apart every defense in the SEC… then picked Oregon apart… dont forget… his receivers dropped 2 TD passes in the championship game… and he hadnt played a game in almost 4 weeks…

    what was Jimmy Claussen reading?

    or Colt McCoy? (who will be good one day)

  4. b Says:

    i talk like malachi york

  5. The Cool Says:

    Getting in to mischief and caught my first arrest
    Started smoking weed and started smoking on them cigarettes
    Eyes bloodshot like I was staring at a high beam

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