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Video: Yelawolf On The Monique Show

Yelawolf watches himself on the Monique show from 3 Little Digs on Vimeo.

Yelawolf and Trae Tha Truth stop by 3LittleDigs head quarters to watch Yelas first ever solo televised guest Appearance!

Previously: Slaughterhouse & YelaWolf Sign to Shady Records

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14 Responses to “Video: Yelawolf On The Monique Show”

  1. BroliC FontS Says:

    Monique show is pretty good, really


  2. big_seth Says:


  3. d_block_4_life Says:

    I’ll send u that statik free
    George 4378@ gmail. com

  4. Eastern_Digital Says:

    Rick Ross – The Transporter >>>>>

  5. Rajon Trondo Says:

    @d_block sent

    Can u send me the good Friday zip and the jay elec comp u made? Thanks fam

  6. rex hussla Says:

    I really need a Jackie Chain x Yelawolf collab

  7. rex hussla Says:

    anybody ever seen Gummo? *dead* at that movie

  8. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    AllHipHop.com: Speaking of the double homicide, you mention you were an associate of Puff. How did the double murders of Wolf and Lamont Girdy impact your relationship, not only with Puff, but withy Jeezy, who was signed to Bad Boy at the time with Boyz N Tha Hood? (Editors note: Puff’s longtime bodyguard Anthony “Wolf” Jones and a man named Lamont Girdy were killed in a parking lot shootout with member of BMF in 2003).

    Big Meech: Ahhh I mean, at the end of the day, I done had the best time of my life with Puff. That was his childhood friend growing up. I am sure that it put a damper on our relationship, at the that time. I think more so after the word got out it kind of cleared me from it. I got love for the dude, and I am sure he got love for me any time he is on the stage screaming ‘he think’s he’s Big Meech’ any time he is on the stage with Rick Ross. We just weren’t right there with each other like we used to be before it happened. I was on house arrest, a lot was being said at the time and it just didn’t look good.

  9. Hopp Says:

    ” you been sayin this all week on twitter. ”

    I said it one time. And I’m pretty sure it was yesterday.

    It might have echoed in ur head many times after that, that’s cool, but I said it once.

  10. 007 Says:

    Wathcin this Choke No joke interview on WSHH

    Choke No Joke=Harlem World real talk!

  11. Hopp Says:

    The Mask
    Batman Forever
    The Cable Guy
    The Truman Show
    Man on the Moon
    Me, Myself & Irene
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    The Majestic
    Bruce Almighty
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    The Number 23

    ^ Greatness.

  12. rex hussla Says:

    oh and MACHETE >>>>>>>>>>>>

  13. sealsaa Says:

    Batman Forever

    ^2nd worst Batman film of all time(of ALL TIME).

  14. SPITGAME Says:

    Tron Elway lemme get that statikfree…poz just in case

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