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Video: Wiz Khalifa On MTV’s 11 For ’11

Wiz Khalifa tells MTV he is striving to be the best artist of the year in 2011. Not to mention, the most baked.

Although recent wake&bake new-age anthems like “That Good“, “Huey Newton” & “Stoned” might ring speakers throughout the stoner community lately, his next single is titled “Roll Up” and ready to be packed and smoked soon. Is Waka Flocka on the Lex Luger produced track? “Bad Guy” (Prod. by Stargate) has that crossover potential too.

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2 Responses to “Video: Wiz Khalifa On MTV’s 11 For ’11”

  1. JihaD Says:

    son_of_ether AKA NAHRIGHT KEYSTYLE CHAMP Says:
    January 12th, 2011 at 9:13 pm
    no mask, just a butcher knife and a mean left hook, lol, Niggas was drug stumbling out the club, didn’t see a nigga coming…


    *daps EFL*



    *death becomes me*

    I used to cop by Avondale somewhere..no car I remember getting off the Marta and walking what seemed like 5 miles just to go get weed..shit all seem like a blur to me now..but word a nigga had no fear..all up and down side to side in the A by MARTA

    lol @ oompa loompa..I never liked TI, I remember Chyna White too, Arrested development, Dungeon fam an em too…good times

    I fell in love with incense chewing chicks in Atlanta..I used to think they was so holy, earth driven..biggest freaks out.


    I only went out to Avondale to fuck with these two jawns from Agnes Scott. I used to go to Emory a lot too.

    Moving Africans Rapidly Thru Atlanta >>>>

    Them trains and buses was mad easy to ride for free. I used to walk to Ashby Station, grab a bus transfer off the ground (or kept some in the wallet) and ride up to West End Station and get on the train.

    I remember one time me and the homie Jerray went on a stealing spree thru Perimeter Mall– We boosted Foot Locker for the new Garnett III’s, Macys for a GANG of shit, then went into LIDS to get some fitteds.

    My nigga grabs like 6 hats, and I front, keeping the salesman busy trying on hats, and eventually copping one. This nigga look at me and goes ” you gonna pay for the ones your friend stole too?”

    I was shook, but fronted like I didn’t know that nigga. The guy asked again and threatened to call the cops. I snuffed him, ran out the store, and told my nigga to dip.

    Didn’t know the LIDS nigga was a fucking trackstar though.

    Jerray was like 240 to begin with, and he was holding all the bags (I was buying some shit, just stealing a lot more), and I coasted by that nigga. I made a left into Nieman Marcus as Jerray got grabbed by the homie.

    Kizzas was looking with the WTF? face, not knowing what was going on.

    Lax Security >>>>>>>>>

    Well, I made it to the parking lot, when three different squaders and a Paul Blart ass Kizza swooped thru looking for me. I took the stairs and was too shook to go to the train station, so I just ran for like 2 miles and caught the first bus I could that didn’t say “Perimeter Station”.

    I was on that bus for like 2 hours, B.

    Anyway, I finally made it home, thinking this nigga Jerray better not have snitched on me, when Lo-and-behold, this nigga was chilling in my room with my roommate playing NFL Blitz smoking an L!w

    With ALL the shit!

    Come to find out, he offered to give the shit back to LIDS nigga, and when the guy said no, he shoved him into a Bookshelf outside of Barnes & Nobles, and ran in a different direction– because the F.E.D’s were chasing me, he had an easy ride home, lol.

    College >>>>>>>>>>



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