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Jon Connor – Another One

Lebron James is world premiering music now. He’s filing this under “Game Day” music. Jon Connor went in though.

Jon Connor – Another One (Prod. by Optiks)

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9 Responses to “Jon Connor – Another One”

  1. son_of_ether AKA NAHRIGHT KEYSTYLE CHAMP Says:

    Atlanta crying about 2 inches of snow…smh.

    My family calling up here like its armageddon down there

  2. son_of_ether AKA NAHRIGHT KEYSTYLE CHAMP Says:

    Not another one > Another one

  3. Leonard Washington aka your favorite rapper's favorite Nahgger Says:

    sup ya’ll niggaz and kizzas?
    *daps the dapable*

  4. I got that Courtney Love for ya' Says:

    @ Amp

    What did you think of “The Game & Lil Wayne – Red Magic”?

    I don’t know what album or mixtape it’s off of..I just recently heard it.

  5. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    this nigga feces going thru male o’pause.

    this nigga gets dick dapped on his tongue by sock man.

    “hit me!”

  6. Laser Gun Boutique Says:

    Wow, nahright has been well average over the past few days


    This dude went in. feeling this joint

    -hit me for beats

  8. dockevoc Says:

    sounds like Saigon, which is fine with me

  9. Nah Right » Jon Connor – Know The Ledge Freestyle Says:

    […] Previously: DJ Kay Slay feat. Trae The Truth, Jon Connor, Tone Trump & Papoose – Redemption [CDQ] | Jon Connor – Another One […]

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