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Video: Playboy Tre ft. Lil Jon – Ready, Go

Directed by Motion Family.

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5 Responses to “Video: Playboy Tre ft. Lil Jon – Ready, Go”

  1. fuck boy music Says:

    Street money > industry money

    I respect a nigga getting money in the streets…

    because you have to rule with an iron fist….put contracts on niggas heads and spray niggas momma houses….if it need b..

    Ross is into money laundering…he supply the hood with bricks and heroin….

  2. E aka Mac with the Cheese Says:

    *watches old videos of Tru-Life harrassing Dipset on youtube*

  3. fuck boy music Says:

    Ross get more money in the streets than 50 Cent…

    he get 100 bricks on cosinement…

    He launders money…..ask about Ross in the streets..

    nigga bringing that H in by the boat loads…from Afghanistan..

    Ross street money > 50 cent movie money

  4. Harlem World Says:


    leasing cars is pointless unless you got that nba/nfl jay-z money

    you cant sell a leased car if you need money asap – obviously

    the same goes for leased jewelry

    but some accountants are crooks too – you gotta watch them real closely

    im finna start a consultancy company – rappers & producers are going bankrupt and filing for foreclosure every other week – they have them for nfl freshmen but not freshly signed artists

  5. fuck boy music Says:

    word 50 cent won the beef…but musically Ross won…

    50 cent exposed…Rozay…saying he only make 200K a year…thats good for a street nigga tho…

    and all his jewelry and whips are rented and leased…and his crib mortgage aint paid fo…

    Rick Ross destroyed 50 cent with the music….music is all taht matters…

    You have to take into account…all the money Ross makes in the streets…

    Forbes dont count that….all the drug money and money laundering…

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