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Video: Emilio Sparks ft. Smoke DZA & Den 10 – Cloudkickin’ (Trailer)

Scumbino’s Way is coming soon.

Previously: Smoke DZA – The World

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13 Responses to “Video: Emilio Sparks ft. Smoke DZA & Den 10 – Cloudkickin’ (Trailer)”

  1. fuck boy music Says:

    I’m doing pretty well for my self…

    Got my main wiz….wifey……

    got 2 side chicks…and 3 jump offs…and got another booty call…

    this is was your line up should look like…your starting 5…and have a couple on the bench in the warm ups..

    because they can get called up anytime….if the starters start acting foul…trouble….


    I’m Phil Jackson on these….Greg Popovich on these sluts….

    for real

  2. fuck boy music Says:

    Netherlands its Analogy..

    I’m on my Greg Popovich/Santonio Spurs run right now…

    But I am Phil Jackson when it comes to these hoes….Triangle Offense….Whistle at them from the sidelines…Call timeout on these hoes for real..

    I have the best winning percentage when it comes to getting poon….and come Playoff time its not even fair…


  3. fuck boy music Says:

    Deen Says:
    January 3rd, 2011 at 4:04 pm
    Clubs past age 21 or so = the worst.

    ^What? I only go to clubs/lounges that only allow 23 and 25 and over for the males….and 18 and over for the ladies….

    and the lounges/clubs i go to….you gotta have a button up shirt, hard bottom dresses shoes/loafers, slacks or skinny jeans and blazer/suit jacket….

    or else they not letting you in…

  4. Hopp Says:

    ” Acronyms > ”

    lol Nah fam, be clear … It’d take 2 seconds for u to type Point Blank Period.

    Given the topic I was sure at least one of those P’s was for pussy …

  5. Jackson7 Says:

    FMB… stop lying…

    you not Phil Jackson

    you Sasha Vujacic

    you DJ Mbenga

    you Mark Madsen

    you Anthony Randolph status

    a 6’11″ 120 pound wingman

    sit yo ass down b

  6. fuck boy music Says:

    FBM = Charlie Whitehurst

    I only give these One Night Performance…thats it…

  7. AmpGeez a.k.a. Smoke Greene Says:

    2010 Rap Up >>>>

  8. Jackson7 Says:

    FBM = Nate Robinson

    always talking loud, but always coming up short

  9. fuck boy music Says:

    I literally had my clipboard taking notes and jotting down what Smooth was typing..

    I am Smooth Back Up QB….I’m the nigga with the clipboard….

    I’m the future…he is the present

  10. Don Vincenzo Says:

    It’d take 2 seconds for u to type Point Blank Period.
    LOL… You under the impression Im one of them professional typing ass niggas lol… I just learned how to type without looking at the screen… Like a couple months ago… Point blank period what have taken me 10 seconds…and my typos have increased greatly lol… Plus if im already being long winded, acronyms >>


  11. Deen Says:

    Pimpin’ ain’t easy…

  12. Don Vincenzo Says:

    “Answer Your Fucking Phone!

    Ima Kill You!

    :) (smiley face)”


    Get Him To The Greek>>>

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