Skillz – 2010 Rap Up

You know how Skillz does around this time every year. If you’d like to support the kid on iTunes, click here.

Skillz – 2010 Rap Up [Stream below]

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8 Responses to “Skillz – 2010 Rap Up”

  1. Mel Kiper III Says:

    If you’d like to support the kid on iTunes


  2. Bricktop Says:

    i was thinking the same damn thing.

  3. moneyray aka i comment on nahright so fuck 50 Says:

    shit was corny this year

  4. rocstar Says:

    nobody cares about this anymore.

    if u wana make a good one, be a relevant rapper that made a difference in 2010, then pick the hottest beats of the year and go over them.

    this shit is so micky mouse

  5. Laser Gun Boutique Says:

    Yeah, this year’s one is pretty poor

  6. Smooth Says:

    Beat is dope too

  7. streetziswatchin Says:

    separate the groceries and put the fruits in the bag.

    shit waaaaak, guess shaq killed his career?


  8. MillerTime Says:

    the beat is pretty dope. I didn’t know petey pab’ got caught with a gun on 9/11.. Fuckin’ A bruh

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