Video: Bun B Interview w/ Champ Mag

Hollywood & Mon Like Deez caught up with The Trill OG Bun B @ Ransom in Toronto for the launch party of his Ransom collaboration shirt. Bun discusses teaching hip hop at Rice University, not having a stereo system at home, Pimp C and more.

Previously: Mikkey Halsted ft. Bun B, Killer Mike, Crooked I, Chip Tha Ripper, Mistah FAB & Gillie Da Kid – Runnin’ My City

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8 Responses to “Video: Bun B Interview w/ Champ Mag”

  1. mcb Says:

    Snow for the show tonight… i gotta leave work on time…

    hope Rae does COld OUtside, that was the 1 song he didnt play when i saw him here before.

    chances are, he wont… but I can dream can’t I.

  2. RIGZ Says:

    you telling me, in the history of mankind, you know of no situations that a race of people were offended by?


    Name me someone, anyone that has ever ever ever gone on national TV or Radio, attacked a specific race & not felt heat for it…comedians are exempt.

    Im still waiting on that song too

  3. mcb Says:

    Sorta lf: Ransom the rapper>>>

  4. cOLD Says:

    Name me someone, anyone that has ever ever ever gone on national TV or Radio, attacked a specific race & not felt heat for it…comedians are exempt

    Im still waiting on that song too

    ^ lmao, why are comedians exempt, and ciphs whole steez was stchick, with a comedic undertone. Stop playing Rigz.

  5. Chief Ali Says:

    no shots but hip hop needs more fans like mcb

    dude is anticipating this Wu show with what appears to be glee and child like wonder

    almost got me in the mood to catch a live show one of these days (ntpfjic)

  6. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    the remark is an L on soo many levels its ridikilis. i jus happen to care & WILL hold him accountable for it for various reasons. should he lose his job? yes. cause jus maybe it’ll put consideration of principle & integrity back in hip hop.

    i seen that 30 for 30 about len bias and sports journalists, coaches, and average folk agree, that his passing was a HUGE lesson to kids with sports aspirations in that area & beyond.

    that you can work hard to attain a certain status, but one err in judgement or a bad decision can set you back a LIFETIME.

    AIDS my nigga? to a race a women in a country you have never met let alone fucked per your own preferences on a widely respected HIP HOP show?

    foul. who’s gonna take the weight?

    & fucka blog nigga….i’m talkin to YOU! you feel a way about it, suck off a real AIDS victim. wherever they from.

  7. RIGZ Says:

    lmao, why are comedians exempt,


    Because just being on tha comedy stage says “this is all jokes, dont take ANYTHING i do up here seriously”

    Ciph is simply host on a Morning Radio show that has national broadcasting.

    If you cannot see the difference here & in the two forums, then you’re just playing stupid for arguments sake. Cos I dont wanna believe that you’re stupid cOLD

    Ciph saying it is closer to a Newsreader saying it, than a rapper saying it. Much closer.

  8. Harlem World Says:

    Cold Jr: “Daddy, kids at school today said I had HIV because I’m a Haitian girl”

    cOLD: So – rappers call women bitches & ho’s all the the time and nobody does a thing- Why are you mad – go finish your fuckin dora the explorer coloring book then go to timeout

    A-Chick: It’s true so I cant be mad at whoever said it.

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