Reek Da Villian feat. Lloyd Banks – Zoooovie (prod. araabMUZIK)

Busta’s protege is dropping his mixtape album, The Gift, this Friday.

Reek Da Villian feat. Lloyd Banks – Zoooovie (prod. araabMUZIK)


Props to RR

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56 Responses to “Reek Da Villian feat. Lloyd Banks – Zoooovie (prod. araabMUZIK)”

  1. Hopp Says:

    Really ?

  2. albert pull hoes Says:

    Damn Young Chris was rushed to a hospital. Sad thing about it…no one cares.

    Dude had minus/negative -400 fans on twitter. Nobody was following dude at all.

    He was my fav. outta Yung Gunz/State Prop. Dude was better than NAs and Prodigy at 14 years old.

    “He’s only 16″…I hope he is ok…

    I heard rumors of Young C ghostwriting for Hov too. Hov biting Young C whole style. And not giving him royalties or publishing.

  3. albert pull hoes Says:

    Joe Budden will have a Young Chris punchline in the works asap.

    I actually have young c seizure punchline in my head. I will leak it.

  4. albert pull hoes Says:

    I’m surprised Young Chris still getting shows, esp. in New York City. I thought dude only performed in ghetto hood clubs in North Philly or Nicetown.

    Last I heard him and Neef was splitting 1,200 per show. 600 each for a show.

    That’s like “I rap for food”

    Young Chris get well.

  5. A chick Says:

    I’m starting to like this Reek guy…..he has a dumbass rap name but is nonetheless entertaining.

    By this time next year, he should really be somebody to talk about.

  6. albert pull hoes Says:

    I’m convinced Maino can talk the panties off any woman in 2 minutes.

    Dude’s swag is very underrated.

    His body count for a Hood Thug dude is serious….he fucked Mya, Mariah, Foxy, Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj…

    that’s an impressive list….

    Women love thugs….

  7. albert pull hoes Says:

    Yo, yo, yo, I blacks out, I pulls the mack out
    Scream “Whats that about,” then I clap out
    I get my plot on, and my drop on
    Through the rotten, don’t even hate on those who hate me
    I got ‘Pac on, feeling it (feeling it)
    Chickens are ice grilling it

  8. DaPhatSpotRusher Says:

    Wow thanks for the Young Chris info albert, can’t wait to see the vid, im constantly refreshing Youtube until its up.

  9. B18 Says:

    sorry if I appear ignorant, but exactly what is a zoovie?

  10. Nunya D. Bidness Says:

    albert pull hoes Says:

    December 23rd, 2010 at 12:05 am
    I’m convinced Maino can talk the panties off any woman in 2 minutes.

    Dude’s swag is very underrated.

    ^ wtf? this nahright or perez hilton?

  11. NovemberEnd Says:

    This record is tough…

  12. Don Vincenzo Says:

    Had ta beat a nigga the fuck up tonight, smhead

  13. Mr. Iceberg Slim Says:

    I hate white hiphop fans………….its like liking michael steele

  14. Hopp Says:

    ” Had ta beat a nigga the fuck up tonight ”

    Do tell.

  15. Officer Duscrom Says:

    DaPhatSpotRusher Says:

    December 23rd, 2010 at 12:15 am
    Wow thanks for the Young Chris info albert, can’t wait to see the vid, im constantly refreshing Youtube until its up.


    What happened to that nigga?

  16. Don Vincenzo Says:

    Do tell.

    Niggas is crazy man… My lil sis at work… She work at a dept store you feel me… A rumble breaks out or whatever… so niggas is talmbout what happened and she listenin… After she get the jist she leave like “Let me stop listenin, Im being nosy”… One a her male co-workers says to her “Being nosys in your nature”… My lil sis takes offense (im sure he was jokin)…. She calls him all types a lame niggas blah blah blah… he starts calling her all types a tricks and bitches… She proceeds to tell him that she’ll get her brother (hi) and he tells her “Get him Im right here”… Wrong move… Now, in all honesty in this situation I dont want her to lose her job… she need it as bad as a job it is… she got a newborn son… also she really started the shit he only started calling her bitches after he was lame and a faggot and all that… Thats my sister tho, and you stuntin like bring me up here and all that… So, I goes up there and my plan is to tell him that the next time she come home and tell me you said hello to her disrespectfully ima knock your head off… Smhead… He gets to gittin all tough and wayward, mostly because he dont want his homies and co-workers to feel like hes a punk… As soon as he voices reached a disrespectful octave I wrapped my left hand, my weak hand mind you, around his throat and started to squeeze hard enough that he had to struggle for breath, but not to cause death… I proceeded to take my right hand, my go to, and bring across the side of his face till I seen his eyes start to roll to the back of his head… I then let him go, stand over top of him, tell him what I was tryna say before he got loud, and came home…

    Lets hope my lil sis still got a job tommorrow…. smhead @ me tho

  17. albert pull hoes Says:

    Don Vicenzo…I dont believe you. Post pictures or a video or it never happened.

    you know how that goes.

    I just had a fight with Mike Tyson, I’m Mitch Green btw.

  18. Hopp Says:

    ” smhead @ me tho ”

    I mean, it is fall, but I can’t really say ” Psshhh, I sure as hell wouldn’t do that ! ”

    Shit, I can see him callin’ your sister names n shit because she did it first, but assuming you wasn’t doin’ the same, he didn’t have to act disrespectful. I kno’ the tone of the situation, but it jus’ goes to show what actin’ up will ’cause him.

    Now, I can’t really tell u how to handle family, but u should have a word wit’ sis. Like not about how to behave at work [or maybe that too,] but the phonecall thing … Wasn’t a good move imo.

    Word, let’s hope, tho. Wrong time, man, celebration is near, shit like that ain’t suppose to be happening now …

  19. Hopp Says:

    it is fall

    ^ lol …

    foul, I meant. I mus’ be a lil bit drunk.

  20. Don Vincenzo Says:

    This faggot ass nigga think I walk around wit a camera… so whenever I gotta fight a nigga I can video tape it and put it in a comment section… because I need validation from him…


    But if we ever meet in person, we can recreate the scene, my pleasure

    suck a dick, as usual, and stop typin in my direction…


    Hopp I definately told her about herself… before and after the shit happened… I know her, and I know her smart ass mouth… I KNOW she provoked the whole thing prolly.. Like I said I wasnt gonna hit him, but I was gonna tell him dont talk to her, she wont talk to you, and it wont have to go no further… Nigga startin goin batshit so I went batshit…

    I just hope she dont get terminated… It was late, and it was outside, I aint see no manager but I was looking and nobody was tryna stop me… I left smooth after… My sis had been home by then…

    We’ll see tommorrow

  21. Marv Says:

    I’m still upset at the fact that they didn’t include Juelz in “Christmas in Harlem”….

    WTF are these niggas thinking?….

    Juelz IS Dipset….

  22. albert pull hoes Says:

    you in the era of youtube/wshh/big brother..

    you couldn’t take out your iphone/blackberry?

    and take pics of dude on the floor snoring?

    or you beating dude down?

    WSHH niggas do it…and they sub human

  23. koa29 Says:

    … Juelz IS Dipset….


    word…i mean Dipset is Cam, but Juelz > Vado still…

  24. Don Vincenzo Says:

    This nigga still typin in my direction……

  25. koa29 Says:

    this beat >>>

    araabmuzik makes bangers …

    speakin tungs >>>
    we all up in here >>>

  26. Don Vincenzo Says:

    koa29 Says:

    December 23rd, 2010 at 1:17 am
    … Juelz IS Dipset….


    word…i mean Dipset is Cam, but Juelz > Vado still…


    I think that space between cam and the chorus was for Juelz… Maybe he aint git the verse done in time… I mean look at all the projects he was suppose to have out… Wheres I Cant Feel My Face?

  27. Hopp Says:

    ” I was gonna tell him dont talk to her, she wont talk to you, and it wont have to go no further… ”

    Pisses me off when u got the wise card at hand, they ain’t gon’ let u use it.

    Shit happens, tho …

  28. Marv Says:

    WSHH niggas do it…and they sub human


    That’s right Albert they do and they get it on point….

    I was just watching two drunk white guys fighting with a bouncer at a NYC club….

    This guy was filming the whole thing, and one of the white dudes was getting floored every time he said something to the bouncer lol….

    P.S. Don don’t fall into the trap lol

  29. albert pull hoes Says:

    Dum Bitchenzo

    You a blogga right?

    step your flip cam game up…

  30. Hopp Says:

    I’m tryna see what Joe’s been preparing for this Darkside Vol. 2 …

  31. Marv Says:

    AraabMuzik is really underrated as a producer….

    Dude gets it in, he should hire a better publicist or holla at Just Blaze’s peoples…

  32. Don Vincenzo Says:

    It is what it is Hopp… I try to be peaceful… I try to be a gentle giant… Never really works in my favor… I could have not even gon up there which was my 1st course of action… I was ready to go to sleep… But she seemed genuinely hurt, and really just didnt want people to think that if she called for me I wouldnt go up there… And I wanted to let them know that if she need me, Ill be right there… No matter how big or small the situation is… I dont feel guilty, cuz really, it was self defense I didnt come up there like meet me outside that was dude… I only will feel bad if I cost her a job…

  33. Don Vincenzo Says:


    My Nigga…

    I call you my nigga cuz Im tired of the e tough talk its gittin EXTRA corny… And youve been doin this for years so I hear and I only been seein your screen name for a shortwhile….

    Im not a blogga… What blog have u seen me put together? What have I ever done close to being a blogger? What blog do I run? Stfu,b

    The next time I decide to fuck somebody up on GP I will def capture it on my iPhone… I will make sure that you see me VERY clearly and also the damage I do… Ima try to make it my best work ever… And Im not gonna youtube or Wshh it… Im gonna send it DIRECTLY to you… So YOU can see the CARNAGE… Then I want YOU to upload it to every sight you can think of…

    Now PLEASE… dont type. In my direction

  34. big_seth Says:

    DEAD @ BSG,

    I know how that goes, I’m not gangsta at all, but my sister got a big mouth & I’ll be damned if I’m letting anyone disrespect her. She won’t even tell me sometimes, but I had to step in.

    and then since I’m tall dudes wanna get that little man syndrome on. Get smacked up no problems. LOL. it aint happened in a while since she moved to houston, but when she was here I had to have her back. LOL.

    hopefully she don’t get in trouble, since its difficult to find a job for folks now days.

    blessings to you homie.

    *daps the crew*

  35. big_seth Says:

    please excuse the slight lack of coherence to my last comment. I’m tired.

  36. Don Vincenzo Says:

    *Daps Seth*

    You already know what it is, bro…

    Such is Life… It was an eventful one tonight…

    Blessings to you and yours as well…

    #ANYWAYDOE (c) Kat Stacks

    I heard you had them vintage spitta tapes on deck… I need those lol

  37. Hopp Says:

    ” Never really works in my favor… ”

    Times done changed.

    But I digress.

  38. albert pull hoes Says:

    Seth and Vincenzo….Introduce me to your sisters…..I’ll straighten them out…

    Real talk….I know how to shut up big mouth black woman…I got something for em…

  39. Hopp Says:

    This other 950Plus track, Jay-Z-sampled, is cool too.

  40. Don Vincenzo Says:

    Funny thing is… LOL…

    That Fudge Packer got me thinkin…

    It is the WSHH generation… Where bammas like to show niggas ackin a fool…

    And Im in bamma ass NC…

    And there was a slight crowd of people…

    I wouldnt be suprised if I got WSHH’d sometime soon…

    Lets hope not tho…

    If so…

    Im gittin paid…

  41. Don Vincenzo Says:

    Link Hopp?

  42. Shooter Says:

    That Fudge Packer got me thinkin…

    ayo homey, ayo

  43. Hopp Says:

    Say Hello [ft. A.G.]

    The Empire Strikes Back [ft. A.G. & Fat Joe] [which is > the one above]

  44. albert pull hoes Says:

    Niggas come on nahright….text…yadda yadda…tell their fight night and war stories..

    and expect us to believe it…

    I stay with a flip cam, iphone or black berry….for fuckery….that might ensue on any given day…

  45. Don Vincenzo Says:

    Fat Joe kinda kilt that shit Hopp… So did the young bull towards the end…Lemme see what this Say Hello be bout

  46. Hopp Says:

    Why did I kno’ u was gonna tackle the second one first. lol

    Joe had a good year, yo. Hope he continues the streak on ’11.

  47. Don Vincenzo Says:

    and expect us to believe it…
    Lies… I specifically told you I dont give a fuck if you believe it…

    I stay with a flip cam, iphone or black berry….for fuckery….that might ensue on any given day…

    I dont do what the lames or cocksuckers do


  48. Hopp Says:

    ^ What’s so great about that line FOS quoted ?

    What am I missing here ?

  49. Don Vincenzo Says:

    They Musta Just Started Rappin Or Tryna Get On (n) Hopp… They got some shits tho you right the second joint was hotter (you put the > so you knew I was gon sheck that) but the 1st one was still aiight… They got some spit to em No Hooters/IFuckBoys2Music/ForeSkinTremaine/AlbertPullCocks

  50. Alpha Says:

    ^ What’s so great about that line FOS quoted ?

    What am I missing here ?


    That was 2 days ago… Why does it matter?

  51. Hopp Says:

    I’m guessing the duo is recently formed, BSG.

    I never heard of them before couple hours ago.

  52. Hopp Says:

    ” Why does it matter? ”

    When did I ever say it does ?

  53. Don Vincenzo Says:

    Im out Hopp, good looks on the find that shit sound real Golden Era-ish


    Nite Hoots…. Dont get fisted too hard, its only the middle of the week b…


  54. Hopp Says:

    Peace, BSG. Luck to sis.

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