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Video: Diddy-Dirty Money on Chelsea Lately

Notice how she treats Diddy… Curtis must be training her well.

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10 Responses to “Video: Diddy-Dirty Money on Chelsea Lately”

  1. Victr Says:

    Diddy should of been a bit more prepared, but I fuck with Last Train To Paris!

  2. Mandrostar Says:

    She didn’t seem pleased with he diddy dirty money gang…

  3. Mixtape Torrents Says:

    She wasn’t giving him no play, it felt like he was some dude at the club hitting on a girl. Then the music stop’s and she just started clowning him.

  4. Polka Says:

    “Curtis taught me!”

  5. Laser Gun Boutique Says:

    Diddy Dirty Money is absolutely pointless.

    Chelsea was clowning on Diddy though lol

  6. histibe Says:

    Curtis well training look! Lol


  7. Rock Says:

    This dude is a mess. Nice G, “diddy” what a fucking tool. And these girls with him are awful. TTalking over each other, saying stupid shit – basically making a mockery of themselves.

    Then you got Jay Electronica on twitter last night telling people to go out and buy this trash Last Train album. Rap is outta control. Dude’s will do ANYTHING to get over.

    Back to playing Coltrane……….. Fuck Rap. It’s a fashion show fuck-fest where dudes are will literally suck any dick to get on / stay on / make a buck. Real artists brick to the tune of 5,000 units and the only one’s that can make move ANY numbers have to suck the dick of Kanye, Em or Wayne


    HAHAH WOW. she put him in his place.

  9. junMaf*ckn Says:

    Diddy gettin at her HEAVY!!

    Him and 50 gon compete forever

  10. pg-dc Says:

    that was funny.

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