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Showbiz ft. KRS-One – Show Power

The two OG’s have a collaborative album on the horizon titled Godsville, which should be out sometime next year. This is the first leak from the project.

Showbiz ft. KRS-One – Show Power

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11 Responses to “Showbiz ft. KRS-One – Show Power”

  1. Dewill Says:

    ^Yup. I do the same shit, either ride around in silence or to classical or jazz music.

    Word… that instrumental jazz >>>>>

    Wifey be havin it on while rubbin oils on my back

  2. Slumbilical Says:

    wow tech 9 can spit! devil worship black emo rap ftw

  3. Slumbilical Says:

    krs look like whoopi goldberg on a *bad* day

  4. Travelin' Man Says:

    Word… that instrumental jazz >>>>>

    ^ Co-word

    Orrin Evans – Love Remains >>>

  5. Gordon B. Says:

    KRS stays on his grind, one of the most consistent MCs of all time, Awesome album last year, awesome album this year and one with Premo and one with Showbiz coming up next year, crazy.

  6. Molson Ice Says:

    This KNOCKS.

  7. Digs Says:

    Too sick for words!

  8. tubetrain Says:

    worst (cover) artwork ever i mean the blendin on that subway ish , im sure a 6yr old done that! why yould u put that out. kayne shrug?*

  9. mr. A Says:

    show keeps it knockin.. but they could be a contender for worst album cover

  10. Yama Says:

    Runaway Runaway Slave!!

  11. top ramen shotta Says:

    lmao @ the cover

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