Video: Shawn Chrystopher – Bang

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5 Responses to “Video: Shawn Chrystopher – Bang”

  1. Don Vincenzo Says:

    Look its Humpty

  2. Don Vincenzo Says:

    Bacc to fuccin basics, I’m runnin places

    Lookin like i fell off a fuccin spaceship

    This plate’ll bust ya facials open like both my cousins’ cases

    I grew up thinkin since I’m light-skinned, my mother’s racist

    My other aces smother faces on undercover basis

    Others races to their brother’s places to cover, safest

    Walk the planet’s face, he straight paces in ape stasis

    Escape chases till the day I can make my fate Ma$e’s

    Shake states and quake snakes, asians and break faces

    Or pistol whip his face and break it in 8 places

    Say graces for the strays thats blazin the K’s, traces

    The silenced glocc’ll spray make ya blocc a parade, baseless

    Behave gracious, I sent any brave traces?

    I get u chained in slave bracelets, spanked in a grave, spacious

    A strange way, since I became the change in this game, save this

    Now I’m going fuccin crazy, like a deranged rapist


    Lane I took that from the youtube you put up… Im guessin those lyrics are right… Aside from like 3 4 bars lol… What the fuck is he talkin about

  3. boozer Says:

    nice beat, reminds me of tabi bonney but whatever

  4. vhingrhamesonyo'momma Says:

    not feeling it all.

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