Video: Eminem & Lil Wayne on SNL

Eminem & Lil Wayne “No Love”

Eminem “Won’t Back Down” + Lil Wayne “6 Foot 7 Foot”

via 3030

Previously: Lil Wayne feat. Cory Gunz – 6’7′ (No Tags)

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212 Responses to “Video: Eminem & Lil Wayne on SNL”

  1. London Bloke Says:

    So a random new lurker decided to just tell us about how he feels his intelligence a burden?

    Nah, right?

    Unless its a widely publised Mask i missed out on, “Take ya mask off b” (c) Amp

  2. Concise Says:

    Damn that 6’7 performance was dope as fuck

  3. XerCes Says:

    Dam niggas ain have bo response fir da kid??? Fuck dat was a hellofa story imo. CiCi, CoLD. Tvul, someone weigh in on day shit?!?

  4. Jersey*made*me Says:

    That G Dep shit is the illest. But it explains a lot. I wish that brother peace and I hope he can maintain and come out a better man.

  5. Troyvul Says:

    DeCoon Jackson (c) Mr. Papagorgio

  6. Jersey*made*me Says:


    What can you tell me about Essex,Maryland?

  7. Troyvul Says:

    Even tho its tumbleweed status 00 has somethin for da council. Put it in short, hopped on this breezy been choppin it up all wk goin well had plans to hook up, however whem the day/time came she bullshitted n it cost me my sat nite. So I told her bout herself. “Iono what kinna niggas u used to dealin wit but I’m not them, ima plane don’t miss it” she takes the shit public and writed the below on facebook! Natuarally I fired her erased # but wow these bitxhes! Shame is I stiopped down cuz my homie told me start fuckin w regular bitches them educated hoes don’t submit! 00 fucks MBA mortgage bitches w no seeds, I downgraded n still lost WTF??? See facebook msg below:

    omg I can’t stand a “nigga” that’s
    full of themselves…MAJOR turn off…I don’t care what
    you think you can do for me…as soon as you start being
    your own cheerleader I’m done…I don’t usually say this
    but “niggas ain’t shit”…men are!! I had a
    revelation…hello men where are you?…come out come
    out where ever you are!:

    FOH Bitch DA Nerve! I could buy this bitch litterally
    Oh Shit lmao, I didnt even peep this story.

  8. Troyvul Says:

    007 sounds like you gotta chalk up the L, delete that msg but dont fire back. Did she write this on your wall? lmaoo

  9. London Bloke Says:

    Take the loss 007. Firing back you just looking like you care and you squabbling with bitches like a bitch. Brush it off and keep it moving

  10. Troyvul Says:

    Its a no win situation, shorty is clearly bugged out

  11. XerCes Says:

    Troy she wrote that as her status! See that’s y I ain let it go! I sent that all to my homies and everyone had da same thing to say. I knew I wadnt trippin! I knew it! Dam Tvul you confirmed my thiughts!!! Fuck. All da homies sd she outta line etc

    But bein da nigga I am, ill still end up fuckin w her, until I smash…(Few days) then ill have a real problem!

  12. Nah Right » Video: Lil Wayne ft. Junior Reid – RappaPomPom Says:

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