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Video: Lil Wayne & The Gift Of Freedom

Ronda Austin tells her story of communicating with Lil Wayne through the mail during his stint in jail, and what started as friendly encouragement, which then proceeded to carry over to helping her family in need after his release from prison.

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6 Responses to “Video: Lil Wayne & The Gift Of Freedom”

  1. sashaj Says:

    It’s obvious that Wayne’s jail sentence has humbled him immensely, its nice to see he’s giving back to the community. I’ll always support his albums whatever he puts out even if its Rebirth and I listened to it once or twice and will never listen to it again

  2. clarenceD Says:

    thats real cool

  3. Saul Goode Says:


  4. dr.manhatten Says:

    only three comments yall nahright cats is funny, nothing to say about something positive…

  5. tre Says:

    That was cool of him to do…dunno why they they had to go all hollywood with all the music though.

  6. BeN GZ Says:

    Weezy is a pimp for this.
    Does anybody have a heart these days?!

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