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Fresh Daily – Make ‘Em Move

Here’s a Fresh Daily joint off the upcoming Free Shabazz compilation from director Nick Heller’s production company, Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys, UGHH.com and Fameless Fam. Hit the jump to check out the trailer for the project and the tracklist.

Fresh Daily – Make ‘Em Move | Usershare

1. Antiquarian (prod: J57 /cuts: DJ Emoh Betta)
2. The Bullshit (prod: Jinesis) – P.So
3. Shouts to Common (prod: Reality) – Homeboy Sandman
4. Probability Bandits (prod: Falside) – Noah23
5. Don’t Stop (prod: Khrysis) – Chaundon
6. Cold Sores (prod: Dynamo414 /cuts: DJ Emoh Betta) – Ceschi
7. Herb Launcher – Soul Khan
8. Datura Stramonium – Kalae Allday & YC the Cynic
9. The Colors (prod: Maticulous /cuts: DJ Brace) – Audible Doctor
10. Give up the Ghost (prod: Time Crisis /cuts: DJ Emoh Betta – Time Crisis
11. Guns N Roses (prod: Introspective Minds /cuts: Rain) – Moe Pope
12. Devil’s Bandit (prod: Falside) – Slaine
13. Destroy (prod: Jaz Infinite) – C-Rayz Walz
14. Make ‘Em Move (prod: Jinesis) – Fresh Daily
15. Eagle Eye (prod: Karniege) – Karniege
16. Kidnap Your Boyfriend (prod: Aaron Cormack) – George Watsky
17. Mr. Brown (prod: 2 Hungry Bros) – YC the Cynic
18. Sgt. Salty (prod: Hannibal King) – Sene
19. 3 Magic W’s (prod: Factor) – LMNO & Awol One
20. All Alone (prod: Jinesis) – Quesfire
21. City Life (prod: Zee Imports) – Kooley High

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  1. Light Skin Tremaine Says:

    ^is that mal cum ex

  2. Jersey*made*me Says:

    Sooooooo……………nobody’s gonna announce fuck boy hour?


  3. Black brokaw Says:

    Wheres Gleehad at? Dude lives in a perpetual state of ether with his comment counter. He would proudly wash socks in the cell.

  4. sarjo1988 Says:

    remember im new so wtf is fuck boy hour

  5. Black brokaw Says:

    Gleehad would lie in wait for the booty warrior then get the tally marks tattet on his cheek

  6. NovemberEnd Says:


    this nigga is buggin


  7. why? Says:


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